A New You
Manual Therapy


Office Information 

At our Facility we offer Manual therapy, we evaluate you and treat you based on your injury, accident,  and/ or weekend project gone wrong. With each session we will work together on your specific needs, also we will teach you how to train your body through stretching and light exercises, this will allow you to reduce pain and increase range of motion in-between treatments. Once you have reached a point to where you are feeling better and you just need maintenance you will just need to come in once every 3 to 6 months. Everyone has repetitive motion issues so my goal is to help you stay ahead of the pain so you can avoid major injuries/issues later on in life.


Mission Statement:

To Glorify God through manual therapy and in all that we say and do. We promise to try to make each and every time you walk into the door a therapeutic healing process for your body. We promise to provide a  detailed session customized to your bodies specific needs.


Meet Your Therapist:

"My goal is to help everyone to become healthier through manual therapy. When you step into my door you will experience manual therapy like you have never experienced before; I will listen to your needs and form a treatment plan just for your body.  I graduated Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy In 2008. Now I am also A Medical Massage Therapist, where I work with your individual pain needs. 


Thank you for choosing me to serve you, may God Bless,

Jennifer McElroy MMP L.M.B.T.

Owner/ Massage Therapist

NC License #8794